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Author: / Updated September 12, 2022

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✔️ User-friendly website

✔️ Support team that responded quickly

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✔️ User-friendly website

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✔️ Student-friendly prices

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About AcaDemon 

AcaDemon is a writing solution with a large number of features. You can easily buy ready-made and sell your own papers, as well as order custom essays according to your individual needs and requirements. The service is easy-to-use and completely understandable, so you are not likely to spend lots of time exploring its rules and order procedures. However, many new customers prefer to double-check the rating and reputation of the writing solution before placing the order. What about Aca Demon reviews? Does the company sell essays of superior quality? Is it worth your money? Find out all the necessary info about the service in this ultimate AcaDemon review. 

AcaDemon home page

The first thing about Aca Demon we are going to investigate is its official website. Well, it doesn’t look modern or innovative. However, it still contains all the important information about the service. So, what can the company offer to students?

  1. Buy off-the-shelf academic papers. AcaDemon has a huge library of academic papers on different subjects. You can effortlessly find a required topic and buy it in a couple of clicks. 
  2. Buy custom papers. You can order essays that will be written according to all your expectations and requirements. You can also choose a deadline for getting your paper done. 
  3. Sell papers. You can sell papers you no longer need. The service will charge 50% of the total price of your essay. 

Here is how the database of book reviews looks like on AcaDemon. You can also specify your requirements and find a review on a more precise topic. 

database AcaDemon

The Academon essay service allows students to find out some details about the paper, including the number of pages, sources, and its price. 

In case you are looking for the info about buying custom papers on this writing site, continue reading this AcaDemon review. 

1Understandable website
1The average quality of papers
2Big database with different academic papers
2No revision policy
3An opportunity to sell your papers
3No money-back guarantee
4Free plagiarism checker
4High prices
5Privacy guarantee
1Understandable website
2Big database with different academic papers
3An opportunity to sell your papers
4Free plagiarism checker
5Privacy guarantee
1The average quality of papers
2No revision policy
3No money-back guarantee
4High prices

Prices Deadlines and Discounts

AcaDemon allows buying various types of pre-made academic papers. The cost of essays is set up by different writers, so the prices of papers significantly vary. 

In case you want to order a custom written essay, it is much easier to find out the sum of money you need to make a purchase. Academon website contains a pricing table, where you can calculate the price for your essay according to the required deadline and the number of pages. For example, a standard college essay delivered within a 15-day deadline will cost you $18 per page. 

Academon Prices and Deadlines

It is important to note that you can get one free source for every one page of text in your paper. In case you need more sources, you will need to pay $1 per each extra source that exceeds the number of pages that you order. For example, if you order a 3-page essay with 5 sources, you will need to pay $2 for additional sources. Moreover, if your paper requires a deep statistical analysis or complicated mathematical calculations, there will be an extra charge of 15%.

The company also has some free features. This is a free plagiarism checker available right on the AcaDemon site. You don’t need to register on the platform or add any funds to your account to start using the feature. Unfortunately, the page with the plagiarism checker appeared to be temporarily unavailable. However, I believe the developers will fix it within the shortest terms.

Is Brand Worth It

I decided to look for an up-to-date Aca Demon review to determine what other students think about using this writing solution. I searched for the following info on independent feedback sites and discovered numerous controversial AcaDemon reviews. Some students were completely satisfied with using the service, while the others appeared to be totally disappointed. 

AcaDemon reviews

After all, I decided to place an order for writing a college essay on International Business. The paper was delivered by Aca Demon on time. However, it lacked strong arguments and relevant info. Although the essay was acceptable, it was far from being brilliant. Unfortunately, the service doesn’t offer any free revisions. Therefore, I spent a couple of hours polishing my essay. 

Terms of Use

AcaDemon’s Terms of Use document doesn’t contain lots of useful data about using the service. It is good that the company keeps all your personal data confidential and doesn’t share it with any third parties. 

Unlike most academic writing solutions, AcaDemon doesn’t have any revision or refund features. This means, in case you are not satisfied with the quality of your paper, you will need to improve it by yourself. 

AcaDemon doesn’t have any revision or refund features


Aca Demon website doesn’t have an online chat for easy communication with the customers. However, I contacted the support team via email and got a reply pretty fast. 

Final Thoughts 

Aca Demon is a middle-quality academic writing service. My custom essay was not perfect. The writer followed my instructions but didn’t do advanced research. I think the service might be good for easy academic assignments but not suitable for more complicated orders. 


AcaDemon is a legit academic writing solution registered in Cyprus.

If you buy papers from the AcaDemon database, you can get a nice paper. However, a custom paper written upon request might appear to be disappointing.

AcaDemon is not a scam but another writing service of average quality.

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