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Author: / Updated December 07, 2022

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About Nerdify

Nerdify is a writing service where you can hire nerds to complete your academic assignments. The company was founded in 2015 and has helped thousands of students since then. However, it has some differences from traditional homework doers you might have already used. Will your Nerdify essay appear to be excellent? In this up-to-date Nerdify review, you will find all the necessary information about the service you need to know before buying essays. So, let’s go Nerdify review!

Nerdify review

Having a modern design and handy menu, the Nerdify website looks simple and straightforward. It doesn’t contain lots of texts, advertisements, and pop-up windows as many other similar services do. The only thing you need to begin using it is to enter your phone number to start messaging with the Nerdify bot. You are not required to fill in long order forms, chat with different writers, or contact the support team to get your essays done. The entire process of placing the order is likely to be easy. Here are the basic steps of buying essays on the gonerdify writing platform:

  • Enter your phone number on the website or start communication with a chat-bot via Facebook messenger
  • The AI-based service will choose a writer according to your needs
  • Get a quote based on the number of hours a writer is likely to spend completing your assignment
  • Make a payment
  • Communicate with your writer and get your task done
their top writers

Paper I received

Nerdify essay pdf

The papers lack of diversity in the food industry, and how it can negatively impact the nutritional value of the food available to consumers.

There are a few errors in the text:

  • "bestowing the omnivore with several choices" should be "by providing the omnivore with several choices".
  • "leads one to posit" should be "leads to the conclusion".
  • "high-stress jobs almost always works" should be "high-stress jobs almost always work".
  • "The food products are all associated with corn in one way or the other" is a bit unclear and could be improved. For example, "Many food products in the Americas have some connection to corn. For instance, cows are often fed corn, and many packaged foods contain corn-based ingredients."
  • "relatively irrelevant" is a bit imprecise and could be clarified. For example, "the choices they make may have little impact on the prevalence of corn in their diet".
  • "fits into this narrative rather perfectly" could be improved by using a clearer phrase, such as "fits neatly into this business model".

I tried using the service for my GoNerdify review and initiated a conversation with a GoNerdify bot via the messenger. However, it appeared to be not as good as I expected. I was forced to paraphrase some questions several times to get the relevant answers. In my viewpoint, it is much more convenient to communicate with real people rather than a bot when placing an order.

1The innovative approach of placing orders
1Some issues can’t be solved without human assistance
2No need to fill in lots of confusing forms
2Communicating with a bot is often ineffective
3No stressful price negotiations
4The bot is available 24/7
1The innovative approach of placing orders
2No need to fill in lots of confusing forms
3No stressful price negotiations
4The bot is available 24/7site.
1Some issues can’t be solved without human assistance
2Communicating with a bot is often ineffective

Prices, Deadlines and Discounts

The official reviewed Nerdify website has no pricing table or cost calculator. This is not very convenient for many users. However, checking the price for getting your assignment done with the help of the bot is also okay. Here is the only info I found about Nerdify costs:

  • Formatting services - from $10
  • Proofreading and formatting the document - from $20
  • 5 sources you can use to complete your assignment - $10
nerdify review prices

All the other prices are available upon request and depend on the type of your assignment, the deadline, the number of diagrams, and other parameters.

So, is Nerdify Expensive?

Rating Min price / Min deadline
Based on 124 reviews $9 / 6 hours
Based on 16 reviews $12 / 6 hours
Based on 18 reviews $7 / 6 hours

Is Nerdify Worth It?

As a rule, I always check the feedback of other customers before using any service. So, it was time to go Nerdify reviews, too. However, when looking for the freshest Nerdify essay reviews, I found lots of controversial feedback. Some customers were totally satisfied with their essays or even courseworks quality, while the others were completely disappointed. Therefore, there are both positive and negative reviews of using the writing service. It seems to me that some writers on the service are truly skilled, while there are still some nerds who fail to write brilliant papers.

Terms of Use

GoNerdify writing service has a Terms of Use document where you can find some important information. However, some of its points appeared to be very odd. It is obvious that students use Nerdify to get their essays done by professional writers. However, if you look at the list of Nerdify prohibited tasks, you will suddenly discover that it doesn’t provide any services for completing homework tasks, writing term papers, and preparing any educational materials.

nerdify terms reviews

It is also worth mentioning that the company has neither a 100% money-back nor a plagiarism-free guarantee.


Unlike many academic writing services, Nerdify doesn’t have an online chat or phone number for communication with its clients. However, you can keep in touch with the bot or contact the support managers via the company’s email.

Final Thoughts

Summing up my Nerdify review, - is a platform you can try using to get your college tasks done. However, get ready to chat with the bot only. Moreover, the quality of the delivered papers may vary significantly. You can easily get a top-notch essay or a poorly written paper. This only depends on the writing skills of the nerd who will complete your assignment.


Nerdify is a legit company that has offices in the United States and the UK. It was founded in 2015 and had been successfully operating since then.

The service might be a good fit for long-term orders. In case you need your paper done urgently, it is better to choose a homework doer with an opportunity to communicate with real people but not bots.

Using Nerdify is safe because all the financial transactions made within the platform are securely protected. You can use different payment methods, including PayPal, Stripe, or credit card, for your convenience.

The service is designed to help students complete their academic assignments. But if your request sounds like these one we recommend you use another service.

Nerdify has an average pricing policy. However, proofreading and formatting services are a bit expensive.

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