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About Essayhub

EssayHub is a website that gives students access to a sample database. The company also provides writing services. This is a relatively young website, so I want you to know all about whether or not you should order papers from here. So let's start this review now.

essayhub homepage

To begin with, I decided to download a sample to take a look at the quality of the papers. Unfortunately, I ran into HTTP error 500. These guys couldn't even set up their database. But I didn't give up and decided to continue my EssayHub review. To do this, I ordered a 2-page college speech and asked the writer to describe the shortcomings of the modern American agricultural industry and ways to improve land reclamation.

about essayhub

It's worth noting that the writer sent me a mediocre speech. I have not seen a clear definition of land reclamation and basic principles of increasing yields. In addition, the writer made many grammatical and punctuation errors. Is EssayHub legit? Unfortunately, I have not been able to find out.

Prices, Deadlines and Discounts

My speech cost me $42.98. So, all in all, one page will cost you $21.49. It is quite expensive, and I do not understand why the company does not provide quality services for such a price. By the way, if you want to use the EssayHub discount code, then you have to order at least 25 pages. It looks like a mockery of newbies.

essayhub order

Is Essayhub Worth It?

Now let's take a look at EssayHub reviews. Unfortunately, I have not found at least some mention of this site on the net. Sites like Sitejabber don't include any reviews. trustpilot

However, I found a couple of small forums where people complained about local writers and the poor quality of the papers. Is EssayHub safe? I do not think so. You shouldn't order anything from here. You won't even know who the owner of the website is. Find a more reliable writing service.

Terms of Use

You know I couldn’t skip reading the fine print before completing my Essay Hub review. There’s nothing too bad in the User Agreement. The company warns against submitting any papers you buy as your own and points you towards the United Kingdom court of law if you fail to settle a dispute within 60 days.

The Money-back Policy is pretty straightforward. You may get up to 20% of your payment back if your paper is late. Wrong formatting is only worth 10% of the sum, and mistakes will bring you back up to 30% of the initial payment. The only way to get a full refund is by providing proof of plagiarism or unfulfilled order requirements.


If you try to reach EssayHub via email, you’ll need to wait at least a few hours for an answer, but the live chat works wonders. I talked to Phil, the support wizard, who ignored my questions about the essay database and pushed me towards placing the order from the get-go. It took a couple of tries to get the answers I needed, but in the end, Phil was mostly helpful and promised the essay examples posted on the website were original and written by EssayHub writers. I’m not sure either of his claims is true, but I couldn’t find proof of the contrary while writing this EssayHub review.

Final Thoughts

I’m still unsure what convinced me to trust this company. I guess the number of essay samples impressed me enough to risk $50 to give them a try despite the lack of reliable Essay Hub reviews and poor customer support experience. Now I know that I should have listened to my gut feeling and skipped this site. They charge too much for the quality their writers produce, and they don’t seem capable of fixing their mistakes.

EssayHub is yet another essay mill that failed to live up to the hype and wasted my time and money. I won’t be using their services anytime soon, and I suggest you don’t repeat my mistakes and skip the website altogether. After all, there are plenty of reliable writing services out there.


While the contact page claims the company is US-based, the User Agreement shows that the website is part of Cyber Jam Limited. The company is based in London and owns several essay mills, including EssayHub. Unfortunately, the writing quality seems to be low across the board.

If you are happy with anything that resembles a college paper, EssayHub is a safe bet. But if you want a quality piece that meets your requirements and can help you get the A you desperately need, this is not the right essay mill to choose.

I don’t think so. The company produces mediocre writing that’s nowhere good enough for college, but it doesn’t steal your money outright. Besides, they don’t make any bold promises, so you can’t blame them for going back on their word.

The answer hinges on the writer who gets assigned to your case. Mine was prompt but failed to follow my instructions and produced an unusable piece I had to rework from the ground up. Others might be better, or they might be worse. I don’t think you can call a company reliable if you have to play this sort of Russian roulette.

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