Cheng Zhao

Anyone who says writing is easy isn't doing it right. ― Amy Joy

About me

Who knew an English major would be so dull? I chose it because I thought it would be easy, and it was, but the utter boredom drove me to take on random part-time gigs. Why would I waste time in class when I could make money? Of course, the troubles started by the finals week, and I turned to the almighty Google for solutions.
The first essay I ordered was so crappy, I could not believe it was written by a real person, not automatically generated. I was so naive; I expected to get my money back. Long story short, I wasted weeks on emails and calls and did not receive a single penny back. Besides, they blacklisted me and banned me from using the website again!
When I ranted about this to my coworkers, they shared similar stories. Some were scammed outright, others managed to get refunds, but a few lucky ones got solid papers and high grades. The trouble was, none of us could find honest reviews before buying essays online. And we knew our rants on Reddit or Facebook would be lost in a sea of fake reviews.

How it started

I wrote my first review and posted it on a simple one-page website. Then I added another one, this one more positive, as the paper was actually alright. As I got more suggestions and complaints from my friends and classmates and checked them out myself, the blog grew into what you now see.

It’s still a work in progress, but I’m proud of it!