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About Kibin Essay Writing

The most important thing any student should know about Kibin is that it is not a traditional academic writing service. The site has a whopping library of various essays available to all users at extra cost. Moreover, you can also benefit from using Kibin editing solutions to get your academic paper or any other important document polished. But is Kibin essay service good? Is there any Kibin plagiarism checker available? Find out the most important info about using the service in this ultimate Kibin review.

main page

When I visited the company’s official website, it didn’t seem impressive to me. Moreover, it looked outdated and didn’t contain enough data about the prices. The company represented itself as a legit solution. However, there was no info about its registration, phone number, or any other essential details.

Kibin had only two types of services. The first one was Kibin essays editing that allowed hiring a pro editor to make your paper perfect. What was really odd about it that I failed to find any prices for this kind of service.

The second solution was an essay library, where customers could find inspiration and explore academic papers written by other students and pro writers. Fortunately, there were prices for buying subscriptions to the library represented on the company’s site.

As for Kibin reviews, they were not all good. Although many customers were satisfied with the quality of services, dozens of clients report on facing lots of issues when using the solution. Some customers didn’t get their papers edited properly, while others failed to receive their essays on time.

reviewe on the other website
1A large library with thousands of essays on different topics
1No price list for editing servicess
2The site looked outdated
3Limited support
4High prices
5No option to order custom-written academic papers
1A large library with thousands of essays on different topics
1No price list for editing services
2The site looked outdated
3Limited support
4High prices
5No option to order custom-written academic papers

Prices Deadlines and Discounts

As I’ve mentioned above, the company’s site didn’t contain any info about the costs required for booking editing services. However, after purchasing a particular plan, you can benefit from using editing services for free (but don’t forget about limitations!) In this post, you will also find out an advanced Kibin editing review.

To begin with, it is important to describe the prices for Essay Examples. According to the Kibin website, you can choose either a monthly or yearly subscription.

A monthly subscription will cost you $14.95. It will allow you to explore essay examples as much as you need. Furthermore, you can book essay editing up to 1000 words per month for free.

As for the yearly subscription, it is sold out for $4.99 per month. Customers will get access to free essay editing up to 3800 words per year. As for me, this number looks miserable - it will allow you to edit only a couple of standard essays a year.

prices for mothly subscription

In my viewpoint, the prices for subscription plans are not very customer-friendly. Essay library is not a really popular service, while the editing options are too limited.

By the way, you can also earn a week of free access to the library by uploading ten original essays to the Kibin platform. However, you can hardly find any Kibin discount code to get a more affordable price for buying subscriptions.

Is Kibin Review Worth It

As for the Kibin essay library, it looks promising. The number of essays available is amazing. For example, I found a whopping number of 7,318 essays on Sociology. But is this feature really useful? You can find even a greater number of samples of academic papers when using any search engine.

the number of essays available

Since I purchased Kibin’s monthly plan, I was allowed to use its editing service for free. I sent my essay on The History of Sociology to the company’s experts and received it in just a few days. The result appeared to be very disappointing. The editor just fixed some articles (a/an and the) in my essay. No other significant changes were made.

Terms of Use

According to Kibin rules, purchasing a monthly subscription authorizes the service to automatically withdraw your monthly subscription fee each month until the subscription is terminated. Don’t forget to cancel your subscription if you are not planning to use the service in the future. Otherwise, you might easily start losing your money.


The support service offered by the company is very poor. There is no online chat or phone number you can use to contact the support team. Email is the only channel of communication. Therefore, if you have any urgent issues with using the service, you are not likely to solve your problems fast.

Final Thoughts

If you carefully review Kibin essays services, you will definitely notice that this platform will not provide you with real academic writing help. The only thing I found useful was a good library of academic papers. However, it is now possible to find tons of essay samples on any topic online for free. The company’s editing services were just nothing at all.


You will need to create an account on the platform and find a corresponding button in your personal profile.

Kibin is a safe service. However, it can automatically charge monthly subscriptions from your account. Keep in mind this fact if you are no longer planning to use the service.

The company positions itself as a reputable solution with over 11 years of experience. Nevertheless, Kibin’s official website didn’t contain any relevant info about its registration.

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