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Author: / Updated June 04, 2021

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✔️ Affordable prices

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✔️ User-friendly website

✔️ Support team that responded quickly

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✔️ Wide pricing

✔️ On-time delivery

✔️ User-friendly website

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✔️ Student-friendly prices

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About EssayTown

I'm used to dealing with modern writing services with a user-friendly design and clear rules for ordering papers. When I decided to write this EssayTown review, I thought I would see an old company that values ​​customers and has a positive reputation. When I saw the main page, I thought it was the website of my great-grandmother, who remembered the Confederate army.

main page

You will be surprised, but there are practically no EssayTown reviews on the Internet. I was able to find only a few neutral comments. Is this enough to form an opinion about the company that was founded in 2001? Most likely, the answer is no. That is why I decided to study this site in more detail and order paper.

1Bonus coupons
1High prices
2Email customer support
2Tricky refund policy
3Slow customer support
4Outdated website design
1Bonus coupons
2Email customer support
1High prices
2Tricky refund policy
3Slow customer support
4Outdated website design

Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

High prices are the main feature of this service. The point is that you have to pay $22 per page if you are willing to wait half a month or even longer. If you need your paper in four hours, then get ready to spend $50. It is worth noting that the company has a page limit. For example, if you want to receive your assignment in five days, then it should not exceed 50 pages. Also, newbies can use the EssayTown coupon code and save up to 10%. This is not a bad option, but the price is still quite high.

order form

Now any student can find more affordable offers with additional options. It should be noted that the company provides extra services such as high-priority tasks and priority support by SMS text alerts. I tried to search for reviews on EssayTown but was not successful. This company seems to stand apart in the world of writing services. That is why I decided to take a chance. I ordered a two-page essay on Advertising. I had to pay $43 for paper and wait 15 days.


Is EssayTown Worth It?

I was warned that the longest deadline means that the company can write my paper for more than 15 days. However, I decided to start my review. In the end, I had to wait for 18 days. It seems to me that it looks like deception. It turns out that the company can postpone the least profitable assignments indefinitely. In addition, the site does not have a clear deadline for when my task should be ready.

I wouldn't say I liked the quality of the paper. Most likely, the writer was in a hurry. That is why I get the feeling that this influenced the weak thesis statement and supporting evidence. In addition, I found eight grammatical errors. I believe that 18 days is enough to complete the task. That is why you should think twice before writing to managers and paying for your order.

Terms of Use

Is EssayTown legit? Yes. The company was officially registered in the USA in 2001. However, I did not like that the terms of use were drawn up in favor of the company. Want to know why? I found some points that signal that the company can change the terms of service without notifying users. I don't like it when they want to deceive me.

I was also unhappy with the fact that students can only ask for amendments. All other options like refunds are not available. Technically, you can ask for this. But the company has the right to consider any of your arguments unfounded. Is EssayTown safe? I think the answer is no. Find an alternative site.


Another problem is customer support. You can call the hotline or send an email. It is worth noting that I tried to call the managers about ten times, and the line was unavailable. I wrote an email, and I got a reply only two hours later. The managers are pretty incompetent. I don't like that they need about 30-50 minutes for each text message.


Is EssayTown scam reviews true? I think the answer is yes. This company believes that all clients are weak-willed people who are not ready to defend their rights. But the point is, it's not the only writing service in the world. I'm surprised that someone pays managers who don't even have direct communication with the writers.

Final Thoughts

I do not recommend that you visit this website and waste your money. It will be very unwise. Find any other website that will help you with your papers. This service was created with the sole purpose of making money from naive first-year students. Take just 5-10 minutes and choose any other website.

I didn't like the design, the quality of the paper, the competence of the managers, and the negligence of the writers. This is one of the worst writing services I've ever seen. Most likely, these guys still have old clients who have never seen good writing services. Otherwise, I don't know why this site still exists. In any case, you have a choice and an opportunity to avoid a lot of problems.


No. This is an outdated and under-functional website that doesn't guarantee you good papers. Find an alternative.

Nothing threatens your data. You are safe here. But I cannot say the same for your money. The company is very jealous of refunds.

This is not a total scam website. But you must be prepared that the quality of the assignment may not meet your expectations.

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