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Author: / Updated June 04, 2021

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About AdmissionsEssays

When I just started writing my review, it seemed to me that I was in Jurassic Park. Somebody tell these people that the beginning of the 90s is long gone! AdmissionsEssays is a service created eight years ago by three students. They decided to help friends with admission essays and letters of recommendation. I was surprised that a site with such a narrow specialization and terrible design could last for over eight years!

main page

However, I didn't find reviews on the main website alone. All major review websites don't know anything about this service. It is very strange. I want to read exclusively unbiased reviews. Since this option is not possible, I decided to test the services of this site personally.

1Over 8 years of writing experience
1Outdated website design
2Free samples
2High prices
3No online support
4No money-back guarantee
1Over 8 years of writing experience
2Free samples
1Outdated website design
2High prices
3No online support
4No money-back guarantee

Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

So let's start this review. The first thing you'll see is the main page with enthusiastic comments. I was a little surprised when I didn't find a way to order the papers. All you can find in the seven main sections are a few free essays. That is why I decided to use return email.

I was answered the next day. The manager said that at the moment, the company could only write an admission essay for me. The most interesting point is that these guys set a fixed price of $150 per paper, regardless of the number of pages (but no more than four).

order form

I was shocked at the cost. In addition, the manager did not answer how long I should wait for my order. He (or she) said that I would be contacted as soon as the paper was ready. The average task completion time does not exceed two weeks. This is great news. I have to pay $150 and hope that my assignment will not be forgotten! Plus, I didn't find any mention of the coupon. The manager said that this option has been unavailable for over a year.

Is AdmissionsEssays Worth It?

Do you want an answer to this obvious question? Then how about another one? Is the Pope Catholic? I think the writing service is not worth your attention. These guys are asking too much for an elementary task. Plus, they break deadlines and think it's okay. I received my paper two hours later than expected. I cannot say that the result completely upset me. I wouldn't even be outraged by poor grammar and spelling if I didn't have to pay $150. There are many other websites where your task can be done in just 3-6 hours, and you will spend no more than $30-$50.

Terms of Use

Now let's talk about terms & conditions. This is my favorite part. Customers have no rights. You can't get your money back if you don't like something. Your only option is one free revision. The company does not offer anything else. This means that you can get a bad essay, but you cannot defend your rights. Is legit? I assume that you already know the answer to this question. In addition, this section is partially copied from other sites. This fact is especially amusing, given that the company is openly speaking out against plagiarism.

terms and conditions


I burned more calories than I did at the gym while waiting for the managers to respond. The fact is that there is no online chat here. You will have to write an email and wait about a day for one of the managers (if they exist) to answer you. Don't expect pleasantries or professionalism. The general level of support can be compared with the attitude of the USSR towards its citizens in the 1980s.


Managers constantly refer to the user agreement and give formulaic answers. In general, you will only waste time communicating with customer support. You can only avoid problems if you find an alternative site. I don't know who pays these guys, but this is exactly the case when I would not give even a cent for their work. You can contact managers just to assess the quality of their work.

Final Thoughts

This is the first writing service that caused me so many negative emotions. If you want to know what rudeness is, then I invite you to visit this website. It seems to me that the site owners deliberately chose the retro style to create a false sense of trust in the writers. This is a very cheap trick, but it works.

No need to waste your time. There are tons of other sites that offer affordable prices and warranties. Only disappointment awaits you here. Forget what you are promised. These are just empty words. But if you still want to contact the managers, then you will have to wait forever.


No. This is an outdated website, last updated in 2013. You will have to go through all the circles of hell to order a paper from here.

No. You risk losing your time and money here. You should find another site and not waste your time.

This is very similar to the truth. You shouldn't waste time on this website. You risk losing money and not getting your essay.

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