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✔️ Affordable prices

✔️ Very fast writing help and on-time delivery

✔️ User-friendly website

✔️ Support team that responded quickly

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✔️ Wide pricing

✔️ On-time delivery

✔️ User-friendly website

✔️ Quality of papers

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✔️ Student-friendly prices

✔️ On-time delivery

✔️ Easy to navigate service



Be careful as the service that we’ll talk about in my assignment consultancy review is a scam. On the main page, we see people holding notebooks and folders. According to my experience, services that place such photos on their websites aren’t high-quality. But I can make a mistake. Let’s explore it further. review

Do you see ‘WhatsApp us?’ This button is through all the pages that you explore. It’s annoying. I can say that website developers didn’t do their best when creating the source. Bugs on the website mean that the assignment consultancy doesn’t care about its customers.

AssignmentConsultancy review

Some users said that it’s Indian scammers. Yes, the company is created by Indians. You can understand it by looking at the address when the company is based:

AssignmentConsultancy contact page

Even the phone number is Indian! But on the top of the page, you can see US numbers. So I’m sure that all writers are Indian, and they communicate with their customers via IP telephony.

The consulting assignment proposal is wide. Apart from writing essays, they offer to help with exams. For example, reading a certain review, I noticed that some users asked this service for help with the Maths exam.

The order form is strange. Your task is to write about the type of your assignment and the number of pages. I was surprised because high-quality services usually have a thorough order form where necessary fields are.

AssignmentConsultancy order page

The methodology for a consultancy assignment is interesting because you have to make a payment first and only then fill in the order form. And these guys can start performing your assignment even if you paid only 50%. I think it’s very strange.

1Many types of assignment
1Annoying support
2Writers aren’t native
3Fake reviews
4Support can threaten you
5Unclear order form
1Many types of assignment
1Annoying support
2Writers aren’t native
3Fake reviews
4Support can threaten you
5Unclear order form

Prices, Deadlines and Discounts

Prices start at $15 and don’t depend on the type of your paper and the deadline, only on the number of pages. Accordingly, a 4-page essay cost me $60. The minimum deadline is 24 hours.

The service doesn’t have a discount for the first order. But it has a 20% discount for all the next orders. Frankly speaking, I don’t know who will want to return to this service. And usually, when companies have a large discount, it seems that they try to keep customers as they have a lack of them.

Is AssignmentConsultancy Worth It?

I don’t think so.

Of course, it’s good that the service has many types of the consultancy assignment. But no! No! No! It isn't worth it! Avoid it! My piece was plagiarized; some sentences were copied and pasted from other sources.

I ordered a paper with an APA citation. But no one APA rule wasn’t followed. Moreover, there were tons of grammar mistakes that means that writers aren’t native. By the way, about native English. When a support manager makes stupid grammar mistakes, I lose trust and choose a service where managers are well-educated. So is safe? No. live chat

When I received my paper, I was shocked as it contained obvious expressions. It was pure garbage! No analysis, no something original. I claimed for money back. And guess what? They ignored me!

One user said that this company threatened him that his university would know about his order. reviews

By the way, what about assignment consultancy reviews? Most of them are positive, and only a few are negative. It seems that feedback is fake. Shame on you, guys!

Terms of Use

This company has terms of use, revision, and refund policies. But it is useless to tell you about them as you can’t achieve a refund, and revisions don’t help make your assignment better. The fact is that when you ask for a refund and even give strong reasons why your paper is garbage, the support team starts to ignore you or apologize timelessly. Is reliable? Obviously, no.

When I asked for revisions, my writer didn’t touch any sentences, although it’s claimed that users can ask for unlimited revisions for free.


The support team is very annoying. I opened the website and left it for a few minutes. When I returned to it, I saw tons of suggestions to work on my assignment. According to my experience, when managers attack you with suggestions, it’s a red flag of bad service. So I can say that the consultancy assignment meaning on the market is little as they have few customers.

Moreover, support managers are strange. For example, I had to ask for a discount multiple times to get an answer as each time a manager asked me ‘What are your requirements?’ He made a mistake; I understood that he’s a non-native.

After I was thanked for the answer, I received a new message, ‘What are your requirements?’ So I ensured the poor quality of this company.

  • using WhatsApp;
  • making a call;
  • writing an email;
  • using a live chat.

I chose a live chat. The support team answers quickly. But be careful: when you send a payment to them, they disappear and don’t answer you.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, I can’t rely on this company. Also, I can’t advise it. Avoid this service and don’t trust fake reviews. Save your money and time!


Yes, it’s legit as it has an office and doesn’t hide its origin.

No, it isn’t reliable as it has fake positive feedback.

One user complains that he received nothing after payment. So I can say that it’s a scam.

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