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Author: / Updated June 03, 2021

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About DoMyEssay

I found out about this company not so long ago. I was surprised by a large number of positive DoMyEssay reviews. That is why I decided to check if everything is so good. This company has been around for several years and is well known among American students. Visually, this is a very attractive website.

DoMyEssay main page

It should be noted that Devellux LLC owns the company. The main office is located in Ukraine, and the subsidiary is in Kissimmee, Florida. I wondered what this writing service has to offer me. That is why I decided to start this DoMyEssay review.

It is worth noting that I was glad to see many services and papers that anyone can order. The company is also ready to rewrite or amend your assignment if necessary. However, is there sludge on the other side of the coin? Is DoMyEssay safe? Let's find out the truth.

1Attractive website design
1Writers from non-English-speaking countries
2Useful web interface
2No paper samples
3Missed deadlines
4Tricky terms & conditions
1Attractive website design
2Useful web interface
1Writers from non-English-speaking countries
2No paper samples
3Missed deadlines
4Tricky terms & conditions

Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

So let's start with prices. What will the student expect if he or she visits this website? The minimum price per page is $10.8 if you're willing to wait for two weeks. It is not very expensive. If you need your paper in 6 hours, you will have to pay $16.2. In addition, the DoMyEssay coupon is available for new users. The discount may differ depending on the conditions on the site and the type of assignment. Typically, you will be able to save 5%.

order form

I decided that I want to receive the admission essay. It is worth noting that I was in a positive mood, so I asked to write just one page. I ended up paying $14.25. So, I was told that my essay would be ready in two weeks. I counted on a good result, as I had seen many positive reviews earlier.

Is DoMyEssay Worth It?

The problem is that our desires do not always coincide with reality. First, the writer exceeded the deadline by three hours. Secondly, I find it unacceptable, especially considering that he or she had two weeks. The site has a list of writers with regalia and achievements, but it seems to me that these are not real people.


The fact is that I received a paper that doesn’t meet my expectations. This was the average college admission essay. The writer even adhered to APA formatting. But one of the main complaints is the quality of each proposal. It seems that my paper was written by a person who has never been to an English-speaking country. Each sentence had strange logical constructs, poor grammar, and spelling.

When I wrote this review, some of the sentences made me laugh so hard. Perhaps my paper was written by a rookie from some other country. I do not want to offend other nations, but you should know English well if you will write an admission essay or any other paper. My assignment was only improved after two days. Most likely, the company entrusted the essay to someone else. By the way, I was denied a full refund, and I'm going to tell you more about this situation.

Terms of Use

Would you like to know more about DoMyEssay scam cases? I'm ready to tell you something interesting. Let's start with terms & conditions. Take a look at the screenshot I took. The company's lawyers did a good job. It seems that the sentences were written by an alien, but this is not the main thing. The client confirms his/her refusal from any claims, lawsuits, and any publicity when ordering assignments. The problem is that the company may refuse to fulfill the terms of the order even after receiving the money.


That is why the edits that the writers made in my paper can be regarded as a miracle. I do not know who contributed to such a high company's rating, but this is a fake. Is DoMyEssay legit? Yes. But that doesn't mean you'll get a good paper. Get ready for trouble if you decide this is a good site for you.


I have no particular complaints about the managers. I was able to call the hotline the second time and talked to two online managers. Their chat is quite convenient. In addition, there is an automatic response generator as the first line of support. It’s nice. However, customer support is just a set of puppets, which are limited by internal rules. Don't expect your problem to be resolved quickly.

chat with support

Final Thoughts

I wouldn't say I like this service. The design is very nice, but what about professionalism? I am not happy that my paper was written by a person who does not speak English. In addition, I am strongly opposed to legal tricks that allow this company to avoid claims. It seems to me that students should choose other websites. Only disappointment awaits you here.


Technically, this is a good site. But the quality of the tasks does not correspond to the declared level. This service is not worth your attention.

I did not like that the company could change the terms of the user agreement unilaterally. This is why it is an insecure site.

I do not want to stigmatize the company, but the quality of the papers is low. You definitely shouldn't order your assignments here.

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