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Author: / Updated June 03, 2021

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About EssayHave

EssayHave is a fairly old writing service that provides various papers, regardless of your academic level. The company positions itself as one of the best solutions for people who do not have time to write independently. One of the reasons I decided to write this EssayHave review is the lack of honest comments on the Internet. I found a lot of pseudo customers who were enthusiastic about the service. At the same time, sites like Trustpilot contain minimal reviews.

EssayHave main page

But I didn't spend a few days using search queries like "EssayHave help writers." Instead, I decided to take a closer look at the website. The home page looks pretty informative. I liked that the company describes every aspect in detail and provides many assignments such as essays and dissertations. But is EssayHave legit? Yes. ONE Freelance Limited is the owner. Now let's turn our attention to other aspects.

1Fast customer support
1Tricky refund policy
2Comfortable website template
2High prices
3Low paper quality
4Blurred terms & conditions
1Fast customer support
2Comfortable website template
1Tricky refund policy
2High prices
3Low paper quality
4Blurred terms & conditions

Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

I usually order simple essays or literature reviews, but today I decided to experiment. What if I order a capstone project? I chose a Computer Science topic. It seemed to me that "Bank verification number system development" would be quite an interesting niche to research. In addition, I indicated that I need 25 single-spaced pages. This paper cost me $650. 


It's worth noting that I chose a 14-day deadline. If you activate the EssayHave coupon, you can get a small discount of up to 5%, depending on the type of assignment. Overall, prices start at $15 per page. I don't think it's very expensive. Speaking about deadlines, the shortest one is 4 hours. In this case, the minimum price per page will be raised to $37.

Is EssayHave Worth It?

It's time to talk about the paper I received. First, the writer exceeded the deadline by a day. This is not acceptable to me. Secondly, I was not satisfied with poor grammar and spelling. I don't understand why the writer couldn't spend an extra couple of hours polishing every page. In general, the paper was written well, apart from some slight plagiarism, a weak introduction, and some inconsistencies in the body paragraphs. I find it odd to read positive EssayHave reviews that emphasize perfect compliance.

The writer had enough time to get it right. I wouldn't say I like it when someone does not live up to my expectations. It is worth noting that I paid a fairly large amount. That is why I am surprised that some of my demands were ignored. The writer didn't even follow the APA style. For me, this is an indicator of negligence and irresponsibility.

Terms of Use

Now let's talk about the legal aspects. I would not be so categorical in my statements if I did not find some interesting facts. The company uses vague language that prevents you from getting your money back. Let's say I'm not happy with my paper and want to get my money back. In this case, the company has the right to post my capstone project on the official website immediately. 

Terms of Use

This is due to (advertising) protecting their intellectual property. At the same time, the analysis of errors and inaccuracies, which I must indicate, will be carried out within 14 days. My Essay Have review is based on the principles of honesty, so I am surprised that a company may ask you to upload your version of the paper to compare all the inaccuracies and only then get the money back. It all looks very complicated and seems like a scam.


I have no complaints about the managers. You can contact them online or by phone. I talked to a few people, and they were all pretty nice. However, their good manners prove to be useless when it comes to refunds. Unfortunately, managers are forced to follow instructions. Is EssayHave scam messages true? It is very similar to that. Perhaps I would not have had such problems with the essay. But these guys claim that they can handle any task. Then why should I put up with insufficient quality? I'm not happy that customer support can't give me anything but an apology.


Final Thoughts

This is a very controversial writing service. On the one hand, I liked the design, the convenience of the menu, and the abundance of paperwork. The managers were pretty nice for the first few days, at least. But when it came to results, I didn't see what I paid $650 for.

If this company is ready to take on difficult tasks, why can't clients count on good papers? It looks like cheating. I cannot recommend this site to you. Moreover, I believe that all companies should have clear conditions for refunds. This website is misleading people. That is why I will no longer use this service to order assignments. You should do the same.


No. This is not the website you should use for academic assistance. Find alternative options.

This is not the safest site. Nobody guarantees your anonymity. Moreover, the site owners demand that you send them your version of the paper if you do not like the work of a local writer.

This is very similar to a scam. In any case, the refund policy looks like an attempt to justify the low quality of assignments and not return money to clients.

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