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About EssayTigers

EssayTigers is yet another writing company that looks pretty much the same. The only difference is that their name was not taken just because it sounded cool. It seems that these guys do really donate to protect wild animals, especially tigers. I visited the page with donations to see how much money they have collected.

Their goal is $1,500, while currently, they have only $135. Not much. I also want to pay your attention to the fact that every month the company donates $1 for every new client. So it means that at best, only 135 students used this service or even less because I can donate money on my own on this page.

Taking into consideration that the company has been working since 2013, it means that on average, they have about 20 clients each year or 1-2 clients each month. Hmm. It is either the company tells the untruth about their donation and uses it to look better in the eyes of clients, or the service is not very popular among students.

Donation for tigers protection

By the way, I read their story and it was so boring. Really. It is a cliche telling about two college friends who once realized that they could help other students doing essays and get paid for it. Then the number of assignments increased and they founded first a small company, and later it overgrew into something bigger, the one you can see today.

Since I visit lots of writing services, I can assure you that every fifth company has exactly the same story about two pals who one evening have suddenly realized that they can earn money writing essays. So, I have little trust for it as well as for their donations.

I didn’t even dig deeper, I just made a quick overview of a few things that stand out. They cast doubts about whether the service was as good as tried to seem. Wanna get some solid arguments that prove it? Here you are. Read my Essay Tigers review, and you’ll understand what the company wants to hide from you.

1average prices;
1low-quality support;
2donations to protect animals.
2unclear refund policy;
1average prices;
2donations to protect animals.
1low-quality support;
2unclear refund policy;
3the quality of papers is about average.

Prices, Deadlines and Discounts

The minimal rate for one page of a double-spaced paper starts from $10. It's fine, especially for 275 words that are written by an undergraduate writer. Choosing a writer with at least a Bachelor academic level and setting a shorter deadline increase the cost of your paper more than twice. Okay, let's check if there are any hidden fees or additional services.

Price calculation

In the EssayTigers review that I came across on one of the feedback platforms, the guy said that the company had the best writers. Well, there is such an option, but you won't get one of the best writers for free. Do you want to get a high-quality paper written by a top-notch writer? You need to choose this option and pay more!

Other extra services that I want to highlight in my Essay Tigers review are the paid proofreading and the plagiarism report. It always confuses me. Shouldn’t they deliver papers that are free of plagiarism and any mistakes? Why should I pay for it more if I have already paid you for an original and high-quality paper?

The plagiarism report service starts from $9.99 for 10 pages. Nice! 10 bucks for uploading a text into an online plagiarism checker and downloading a report! By the way, it is not a Turnitin report, so who knows whether you should rely on it.

Plagiarism report prices

Maybe, there are some great discounts? Unfortunately, the highest discount is 10% only, and you can get it only after you spent at least $1000 on papers on this site.

Is EssayTigers Worth It?

Are they the best among the competitors? According to some reviews, this service is not worth ordering papers. Nevertheless, I decided to place an order to see everything with my own eyes. The price of my essay was 54 dollars, the deadline - 3 days.

The first thing I want to say about the paper is that it was not written by a native English speaker. Sentence structure and some words prove that a person does have a good command of English grammar, but still, he is not a resident of the English speaking country.

Another problem was the formatting. It is either the writer confused the required APA style with the MLA, or he didn’t know it at all. And the last problem was the lack of quotations. The arguments without quotations lose their credibility. You need to support each of your statements with solid proofs, otherwise, it is just an opinion and cannot be used as argumentation in an academic paper.

My verdict is that the paper is not so bad, but you’ll never get an A for it. Some strict professors may not even give a B for such a paper.

Terms of Use

Unfortunately, they don't tell about a lot of interesting things on the main page that you can find in their terms of use. That's why I am writing this Essay Tigers Review so that you know about pitfalls. For instance, they don't provide a full refund if you are not satisfied with the paper quality. You can get a partial refund only, which is no more than 50%.

Refund details

Okay, but can you request a revision and ask a writer to improve an essay? Yes, but remember that after requesting a revision, the system automatically approves your order. Hence, your paper will be marked as completed, and the refund is not possible any longer.

Information abour no refund option

Please note that the VAT tax and the cost of the extras and the discounts are not refundable. That will be a great surprise for those who want to get a full refund for a paper.


Now is one of the most interesting parts of my EssayTigers review. The customer support service is the department that can ruin or save the company’s reputation. These guys provide 24/7 support for all clients. You can try a live chat and receive online assistance from a customer care agent. Additionally, you can make a call using a toll-free number, compose an email, call on skype, or request a callback. Unfortunately, I couldn't reach anybody by phone. Hence, I had to spend almost an hour chatting with a customer care agent on the website.

Final Thoughts

Almost every second user has the same conclusion in their EssayTigers reviews. They don’t want to repeat their experience and place an order again. My opinion is that you can get an essay of affordable quality, but do not expect a high grade for it? Is it worth to order more complex assignments? I guess you shouldn’t risk, especially taking into consideration the refund policy.


These guys do write an essay for me. Thus, I cannot say that this service is a scam in my review.

In my case, I didn’t face any serious problems. However, some EssayTigers reviews mention plagiarism and even late delivery. So, be careful!

It's hard to discover if the paper writing service is legit because the service company is located in Cyprus. Unfortunately, it is a widespread practice among essay writing businesses.

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