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✔️ Affordable prices

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✔️ User-friendly website

✔️ Support team that responded quickly

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✔️ Wide pricing

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✔️ Student-friendly prices

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About Essayup

Do you need help with your homework? If so, there is a chance you can find this paper writing service on the Internet. At first sight, it looks like an average-quality platform that delivers cheap and poor-quality papers. Is it true? Let's find it out in my review.

Essayup homepage

There are a lot of guarantees on the site. However, it's always needed to double-check all the information provided to avoid losing money. The service has only one review on Trustpilot and Sitejabber, the most popular platforms for sharing feedback. It is strange because the company has been working since 2013, according to the information provided on their website.

Essayup review

However, I decided to double-check it using an online domain name lookup tool. I was confused when I discovered that the site was registered in December 2015. I can hardly understand why they added roughly three years to their working experience. Let's try to find it out in the review.

Essayup registration
1Simple order placement form
1No copyrights are provided
2Low minimum price
2Fake working experience
3No support
4Poor quality of writing
1Simple order placement form
2Low minimum price
1No copyrights are provided
2Fake working experience
3No support
4Poor quality of writing

Prices, Deadlines and Discounts

Since there is no table with rates, the only way to discover how much they charge is to use an online calculator on their site. Unfortunately, the website is not intuitive at all. If you want the calculator to appear, you have to scroll the homepage down. After reaching the middle of the page, it popups and attaches to the top. Against all the odds that I will highlight in my EssayUp review, I managed to specify all my order details.

essayup pricing review

I wanted them to complete a compare and contrast essay in two days. These guys charged $186 for a six-page assignment that was due in two days. I was forced to pay $31 per page, which is not affordable. However, if you request them to compose an essay in 14 days, they will charge $16 per page. I have to state in my EssayUp review that no discounts are provided even to new users.

Is Essayup Worth It?

I am pretty sure no students want to receive creepy papers by delegating their homework to skilled writers. I didn't expect to get an essay of a horrible quality after paying $31 per page. Nevertheless, the only option to examine the service was to place an order, so I did it. The order submission process wasn't too complicated. I specified all the details and made a payment.

However, after receiving my paper, the question, "Is EssayUp safe?" didn't bother me anymore because the answer was clear. I was shocked when I received my compare and contrast essay on the topic "Study Abroad vs. Studying in Your Country." The Microsoft Word software highlighted a lot of misspelled words simultaneously. Also, I examined it using an online plagiarism checker. Unfortunately, it showed that roughly a third of the content is matched, which is an unacceptable score by any educational institution.

Terms of Use

In most cases, Terms of Use helps find things that writing companies want to hide from their clients. Thereupon, I didn't miss a chance to explore it thoroughly. The first thing that I noticed is that the paper is very confusing. It seems like these guys did their best to puzzle meticulous students who read agreements before accepting them. Nevertheless, according to their Terms of Use, the company provides no copyrights. In addition, students are not allowed to put their names on the papers they receive and submit them.

essayup policy review

Also, these guys state that they collect a ton of personal data about their clients. However, they don't store it wisely. Vice versa, they share sensitive information with third parties for marketing purposes. According to other reviews, these guys never hesitate to bother clients who didn't use the website for a while. If you share your contact information on this site, many marketing agencies will get it without your permission.


These guys can be reached via email and phone only. I tried both methods, but none of them helped me to get in touch with their manager. I sent a few emails and dialed five times. Unfortunately, nobody answered. Also, they share their office address as an image. It is just another obstacle that makes it hard to examine the service in more detail. This oddity has to be highlighted in an EssayUp Reddit thread. I am 100% sure that it's a trick used by scammers to hide their real location. Consequently, don't expect to get any help if you experience any issues using this site. Their agents don't respond at all.

Final Thoughts

In essence, writing service is one that I wouldn't recommend to anyone. Using this platform, you risk losing your personal information and money. They compose papers that don't match the provided requirements and need to be corrected. In addition, they keep ownership of all the assignments they provided. Therefore, if you use papers they provide without crediting them, you can receive copyright charges.


DDW Corp. Limited is a company that runs the service, so it is legit. Nevertheless, there are a lot of negative EssayUp reviews on the Internet.

Since these guys don't respond and deliver papers of an unsatisfactory quality, it's not a reliable service to get help with college assignments.

The quality of the papers delivered is horrible. Also, these guys provide no copyrights, so learners are not permitted to use the assignments they receive.

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