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Author: / Updated June 03, 2021

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✔️ Affordable prices

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✔️ User-friendly website

✔️ Support team that responded quickly

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✔️ Wide pricing

✔️ On-time delivery

✔️ User-friendly website

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✔️ Student-friendly prices

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About ExpertWriting

I am a person who believes in honest writing services. Moreover, I have already seen several such websites. Today I want to start an ExpertWriting review because it is a fairly popular writing service. It is worth noting that this company has been providing services for over five years and is operated by DDW Corp Limited. I was surprised by many positive reviews and decided it was time to sort things out personally.

ExpertWriting main page

But let's not stop with " reviews Reddit" search queries. I have checked all aspects and am ready to share my opinion with you. The site itself looks pretty good. I liked the stylish design. In addition, I am glad that there is an online form for ordering papers. However, let's not dwell on trifles and proceed to a detailed review.

1Modern website design
1Light plagiarism
2Poor grammar & spelling
3Missing instructions
4Slow customer support
1Modern website design
1Light plagiarism
2Poor grammar & spelling
3Missing instructions
4Slow customer support

Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

So. Let's start in order. This company provides affordable prices. I cannot say that $10 per page is very expensive, although I have seen more affordable options. This price is relevant if you choose a two-week deadline. If you want writers to do it in three hours, the price goes up to $38. I decided to order a two-page argumentative essay. The final price was $28.8.

order form

It is worth noting that I was not guided by other ExpertWriting reviews and decided to give the guys as much time as possible. A two-week deadline is enough to get a good paper. Unfortunately, writers think differently. But let me not get ahead of myself. Plus, I liked the availability of the coupon. You can expect a 2-5% discount depending on the type of assignment.

Is ExpertWriting Worth It?

So let me start in order. I didn't like the fact that the writer wrote my paper 30 minutes longer. The managers said that there was some software glitch in their region, and they could not send me my essay. By the way, they have a special excuse for this. But I'll talk about that later. Almost all the reviews I've read vying with each other praised local writers. That is why I was surprised to see poor grammar and spelling. The writer did not take into account several of my key requirements.

their opinion

I have asked for four key arguments that are relevant to my topic. The writer forgot or ignored my request. In addition, I found several logical inconsistencies. Unfortunately, the company has a huge advantage in the form of good lawyers. They took into account all the nuances so that users could not object. The writer only slightly improved my paper after six additional hours. I think this is unacceptable. Is legit? I think the answer is obvious.

Terms of Use

And here's my favorite part. The site owners did a very tricky thing. You can count on a partial or full refund, but only if you prove your claim. Plus, you have a limited period. Did you find errors in the text? Want to get your money back? Even if the writer makes mistakes in every sentence, you can get back no more than 30%.


The writer didn't follow your instructions? Then you can get up to 100% refund. How can you prove it? You need to find a dispute manager. If this does not happen, then you will receive up to 15% of the money spent. Is legit? Legally, yes. But this site is hardly reliable.


The site has a convenient online chat. But I wouldn't say I liked the fact that the managers won't respond quickly. However, I didn't like the fact that managers answer in a usual manner. I asked how much I would get back if the writer did not follow my instructions. Unfortunately, I have not received a clear answer. The managers tried to avoid answering. It was unpleasant. I got the impression that they were deceiving me and ending the dialogue as soon as possible.

chat with support

As it turned out, my fears were not in vain. As soon as I paid for my paper, the managers lost interest in me and answered after 10-17 minutes. In addition, they constantly clarified the information but could not answer my questions. As a result, I did not receive a refund as I agreed. I haven't experienced such impudence for a long time.

Final Thoughts

I will be laconic. You shouldn't order your papers from here. This website aims to steal your money. Don't even think that you can dispute anything. Read the terms & conditions, and you will see that you have no rights if you pay these guys. I don't think this site deserves your attention. Find an alternative. Many tasks are large enough that you will have to spend on the order of hundreds of dollars. Are you ready to lose your money due to the incompetence of the writers? I think the answer is no.


Yes. This is a legit website. However, the company has drawn up the user agreement so well that you cannot dispute anything.

No. You risk losing money and not getting your paper. This is an unreliable website that is not worth your attention.

This is very similar to the truth. The company is perfectly prepared for any situation and will not give your money back.

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