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About GradeMyEssay

Have you heard about GrabMyEssay? It's an online platform that calls itself the best writing company on the market. Well, almost each and every company says the same, yet it doesn’t mean that you should place an order right now. First, you need to learn as much as possible about the company.

I know it’s time-consuming and rather boring, but that’s the price you pay to avoid scammers. Fortunately, if you have no time for such sort of investigation, you can read this Grab My Essay review, which I conducted myself.

They do have an impressive website with a wow effect. It looks original and professional, that’s true, but let’s see what lies under a nice wrapping. Once I left the homepage, the carriage turned into a pumpkin. The beautiful and modern design vanished and I saw the old version of the website made in a primitive way. It seems that somebody got money only for the homepage upgrade.

Hmm, do they apply the same principle when writing papers for clients? Give a promise of ENL writer, but instead, assign your essay to a person from India or Africa who has barely learned the basic English grammar. My order that I’ll place will give an answer to this question.

I didn’t manage to find any information about the company since the About Us page doesn’t exist. So, you just have a promise that you’ll get a high-quality paper from professional writers from the USA and the UK, but you cannot check it either since there is no even Our Writers page or something like that. A lot of promises, but not a single proof that all these promises can be fulfilled.

1user-friendly site;
1very high prices;
2multi-currency payments;
2quality of urgent papers is not guaranteed;
315% discount.
3customer support service is very slow.
1user-friendly site;
2multi-currency payments;
315% discount.
1very high prices;
2quality of urgent papers is not guaranteed;
3customer support service is very slow.

Prices, Deadlines and Discounts

Low price and high-quality is a dream of any client. If you are a student, you may not afford a paper that costs 15 bucks per 1 page, though it is not even an average price on this site. For example, a simple high school essay with a 3-day deadline will cost around $24 per page. That’s the second wow effect that I have on this site.

In case you have an urgent paper, the rate may increase up to $54,99. Isn't it a little expensive? I think a lot of people who read this GrabMyEssay review have already decided not to use this service, but wait for a second, I didn’t even tell you about extras.

Would you like to get the originality report for 30 bucks? Maybe you’d like to get the first draft for only an extra 20% of the order price? How about an option to assign a writer to do your paper as soon as possible only for 15 dollars more? How do you like to get advanced customer support for 10 dollars?

Addiitonal services

That’s a robbery, guys. I know, you may say that extras are not obligatory, and you may not pay for them. Yes, that’s true, but 30 bucks for a plagiarism report!! Why? Doesn’t the company guarantee 100% original papers? So what is the purpose of this report? Or is there something wrong with the originality and the report will help me to see it?

For some reason, the positive reviews that you can find on the site don’t explain how such overpriced extras can help. Nobody even says that the prices are high. Who are your clients? Rockefeller’s grandchildren? Okay, I know that they are fake, just kidding.

However, I have good news for you, there is a discount for the newcomers -15% off, but it can be applied to the orders with a total price of over $25 only. Taking into consideration that the average price for 1 page is almost 25 dollars, I consider it is good news (sarcasm).

Choosing order details, payment details and discounts

Is GrabMyEssay Worth It?

A lot of Grab My Essay reviews mention that these guys are very punctual. That’s true, I got my 3-page essay (God, I paid 72 dollars for it) on time. Now, the most interesting part, the quality. I can assure you their writers are either amateurs or not native English speakers. I found a lot of silly mistakes such as typos, extra spaces, poor vocabulary and repetition of the same words in every second sentence (did they hear about synonymous?), awkward sentence structure, and absence of logical flow of thoughts.

So, is the paper worth the money? I saw the quality much worse, and I do not think that this service is very bad, but my paper definitely lacks extra proofreading. Besides, I think that the price is extremely high and I am not sure whether I would buy papers on this site again, even if they cost twice less.

Terms of Use

Why is it so essential to read the terms of use? It is the only way to find the details that a company tries to hide from you, especially when it concerns the refund policy. As a rule, the majority of Grab My Essay reviews that you can find on the web skip this part or provide very general information.

I decided to go deeper so that my Grab My Essay review could provide you with the answers to almost any questions regarding their money back policy.

What have I found out? If you are not satisfied with the quality of a delivered essay, you can get a partial refund only. To get a return, you need to collect facts that prove the mismatch with your requirements and submit a request to the quality assurance team, but they still can decline your refund request. The last word is up for them.

If you receive a plagiarized essay, these guys won't admit your complaints since only reports are valid for them. So, you need to pay for a plagiarism report first, or nobody will even consider your claim.

Bad quality claims

One more interesting, but not a pleasant fact. The orders with short deadlines are not compensated. For instance, if you ordered a paper with a 6-hour deadline paying like 200 dollars for it, and get it with mistakes, then it’s your problem.

So, all complaints about the low quality of urgent orders will be declined due to very short time frames. You may receive a low-quality paper with no option for a refund. Great! That’s exactly what I need when I pay extra for an urgent essay. Thank you!

Compensation details


A lot of GrabMyEssay reviews state that the customer care services are awful on this site. I decided to check it personally. The service provides three customer service packages. The first type is free and implies 24/7 customer care service via live chat or phone calls.

The advanced type costs extra $9.99. Those who purchase the second package receive updates on their order. Really? I never paid almost 10 bucks per order to check the progress!

Paying $14.99 for the premium support, you will get a dedicated quality assurance agent who will control your order quality and timely delivery. Whoah! It's ridiculous! What happens to clients without the premium support package? I thought I shouldn't pay an extra fee to get a high-quality essay and on-time delivery.

Ok, but that’s the optional features, you may skip it. Yes, but using the free customer support service, I received really slow answers from the agent. I had to wait at least 5 minutes until the agent replied. So, to clarify just a few things took almost 30 minutes. Maybe, it is made intentionally so that you pay for the advanced or premium customer support service.

Benefits of buying premium account

Final Thoughts

This site has a nice wrapping, but nothing more. The prices are high, and the cost of extras is even higher. I cannot remember any other writing service that charges so much for a plagiarism report, which I consider a useless option. I also cannot understand the whole bunch of positive GrabMyEssay reviews.

How is this possible when you have to pay a hundred dollars for a simple essay and still get a paper which requires improvements? I do not state that this service is bad, but it definitely is not worth the money.


Yes, it is safe to use this service, but read first the term of use or you may not get a refund in certain cases.

They charge a lot, but the quality of the papers is not as good as one expects. But it doesn’t make them scammers, right?

I cannot agree with lots of positive Grab My Essay reviews. This company does admit that the urgent paper you ordered may contain mistakes and they are not responsible for it at all.

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