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✔️ Affordable prices

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✔️ User-friendly website

✔️ Support team that responded quickly

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✔️ Wide pricing

✔️ On-time delivery

✔️ User-friendly website

✔️ Quality of papers

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✔️ Student-friendly prices

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Hi everyone! Today, you’ll read the myperfectpaper review. As usual, let’s discuss the first impressions of the website. When I opened it, I found nothing about placing an order.

Myperfectpaper login page

And only when I paid attention to the toolbar, I noticed the ‘Order’ button. I think that a service that can’t create a normal website doesn’t care about its customers. And as a rule, all low-quality companies have bad websites. Users don’t pay attention to it and trust awful services; as a result, you can see negative reviews.

Notifications are extremely annoying. I don’t want to know who signed up on this website. I think that such alerts are useless. Maybe the website wants to show potential customers that it’s popular and in-demand, but it plays a big trick with them as it annoys users. For example, I wanted to leave this resource while exploring it.

MyPerfectPaper review
150% discounts
1Late delivery
2Support threatens you
3Tons of grammar mistakes
4Awful writing
5Website is annoying
150% discounts
1Late delivery
2Support threatens you
3Tons of grammar mistakes
4Awful writing
5Website is annoying

Prices, Deadlines and Discounts

When it comes to prices, they’re average. Of course, you may be shocked as $72.05 per page for 12 hours is a too high price, but the company has a 50% discount. prices

However, it isn’t clear how many times I can use it. I asked the support team about it. And what answer did I receive? Nothing exact, only abstract words.

myperfectpaper livechat

So the support team can’t give a clear answer. According to my experience, when it’s so, you can't trust a service as it has some secrets.

The order form is unclear as you have to constantly update the page because it has bugs. And after doing it, it’s necessary to fill in all the fields again! I’ve ordered a four-page argumentative essay with a one-day deadline.

After that, I saw the price. $81 with a 50% discount. When I read myperfectpaper reviews, I noticed that this discount exists all the time, for more than a year.

myperfectpaper order price

But on the website, it’s claimed that it’s for ‘limited time only.’

The minimum deadline is 12 hours. But as a result, writers don’t follow deadlines and send you a paper much later. It’s a common story, according to reviews.

Is Myperfectpaper Worth It?

Actually, no. My paper had tons of grammatical errors. I understood that it wasn’t written by native speakers as it claimed. By the way, when I asked about natives, a manager made a counter-question, ‘May I know where are you based?’ A very strange company, I’m telling you. Moreover, it contained a grammatical error. Usually, when support managers can’t write correctly, it means that the quality of papers will be appropriate.

So the author didn’t follow my instructions. Moreover, the essay was written in another font size, not 12pt. My essay was plagiarized. Some paragraphs were copied. Oh, okay. Moreover, when reading my assignment, I understood that it was written in another language and translated into English with Google.

Now let’s talk about feedback. On Trustpilot and Sitejabber, I found controversial comments. In any negative myperfectpaper review, authors claimed that this company threatened them, and the quality of papers was pure garbage. Additionally, in some cases, users received assignments with the same sentences. Yes! One or two sentences were repeated in papers.

In positive comments, users praised the service and talked about the high quality of papers. But I don’t trust testimonials. All because on Sitejabber, almost half of all feedback is negative.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find myperfectpaper Reddit reviews. This platform was empty.

Terms of Use

There is no point in telling you about refund and revisions policy as they’re a big joke. You can’t get your money back. It’s impossible. You can see your money again only when a writer isn’t assigned. Okay. What about late delivery? Tons of grammatical errors? Unfollowed instructions? Nothing.

When you claim a refund, the support team starts threatening you that your institution will be aware of your asking this service for help. Or it says that if it has problems because of you, you’ll have them too. So is myperfectpaper safe? NO!


Support is annoying. It constantly asks you about your order. What pages do you need? What deadline? Do you want to place the order now? By the way, if the support asks such questions so often, it’s a flag of bad service.

You can contact managers 24/7. Different ways are for you:

  • texting on the phone number;
  • making a call;
  • write an email;
  • use a live chat.

Let’s pay attention to texting on phone numbers and making a call. You can call a British or Australian number, but when it comes to the US one, all you need is to text on it. And the most interesting thing is you can do it… via SMS! SMS!!!

I chose a live chat. The support team answers quickly. They’re polite. But, as you know, they’re kind only when you’re satisfied with your paper. Otherwise, you face threatening and ignoring.

Final Thoughts

I can’t recommend this company to you. Don’t use your time and money on these guys. I hope that my review will help you make the right choice.


No, as it doesn’t follow its money-back guarantee.

Actually, no. All because it has fake reviews, strange support managers, and a bad website.

No, as it receives you a paper.

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