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About MyPerfectWords

What is MyperfectWords? The service that offers different types of paperwork? The site where you can find professional native English speaking writers? The place where you can get a huge discount? Yes, exactly! At least that’s what the company promises to you when you visit the site.

And the good question, “How do I know MyperfectWords is for real?” The company offers you to check the client comments which you can find on the site. The value and credibility of such comments are equal to 0.

There are no guarantees that these comments are provided by real clients. Besides, if you decide to find MyPerfectWords review on Sitejabber, you’ll see that around 20% of all clients give only 1 star to this service.

Can you find at least one negative comment on the company’s site? Of course, no. Why? They are fake.

answering the question 'how do i know MyPerfectWords is for real'

Another important question that bothers the mind of every client - Will I get a paper of high quality that will bring me an A? The company’s answer is direct and clear - NO, they do not guarantee it.

answerign the question about getting 'A' on an assignment

And I got one more question. If you do not guarantee a paper of certain quality, can I get my money back in case the paper doesn’t satisfy my requirements? The answer shocked me - You’ll never get your money back once you give it to the service. The service is non-refundable.

refund info

Guys, I guess, at this point, there is no need to read this MyPerfectWords review any longer. The company guarantees neither a high-quality paper nor refunds. They look like total scammers.

Do not risk your money and find the service which does provide such things. In case, it is not enough for you and for some reason you still consider this service as a good option, then you are welcome to read the full review. I do guarantee, you’ll find a lot more interesting aspects of this service.

1nothing at all
1non-refundable services
2no guarantee of quality
3fake discounts
4the prices are twice higher than on average in the market
1nothing at all
1non-refundable services
2no guarantee of quality
3fake discounts
4the prices are twice higher than on average in the market

Prices, Deadlines and Discounts

Let's start the prices overview with a banner that promotes a 50% discount! Cool! The origin prices on the website are very high. However, after the cut, the rates become better.

Unfortunately, I am not sure if it's my luck, or it is a kind of a marketing trick that motivates users to place an order. The message on a checkout informs the limited offer will end in 22 hours. So, let's visit the website in one day to check if the offer is still valid.

when the order ends

It is a new day, and here we go again! As I assumed, the promo banner is still here after 24 hours. Sadly, there was no luck, only marketing tricks!

Another thing that I want to highlight is that even the prices with a 50% reduction are higher than on average. $15 is the lowest rate per page and now imagine the price without a discount - 30 bucks.

Nobody charges so much, there are no such prices on the market. It is ridiculous. Do you think your clients are studied and they cannot connect the dots?

There are no other discounts on the site, so it means that the company provides no discounts at all.

Is MyPerfectWords Worth It?

As I have mentioned at the very beginning of My Perfect Words review, this service is not worth trying. However, despite my firm belief that you can expect nothing good from a service that guarantees you nothing, I still placed an order. So, what can I say about the quality of a paper that I received?

Well, it was not terrible. I didn’t manage to find any silly mistakes, wrong margins, or extra spaces. The paper didn’t contain mistakes at first glance and it was original.

Besides these positive characteristics, I cannot say that my essay was perfect. It lacked some better transitions between paragraphs, more arguments, and probably a better thesis statement and conclusion.

That’s why I can’t say that it was perfect. What I really didn’t like about it was the price. I could get the paper of the same quality and even better, but paying almost twice less. So, what’s the point of paying 18 dollars per page if you can receive the same paper for 10 bucks with a money-back guarantee?

Terms of Use

I have already said about the refund policy in MyPerfectWords review, or it’s better to say about the absence of the money-back guarantee. Now, it’s time to mention other rights that a client has.

You can request a revision, but you need to provide at least 12 hours to complete it and you have 14 days to claim it.

revision policy

The only refundable case is when the company cannot find a writer within 24 hours and they MAY return this money to your bank/PayPal account or to your account balance. In this case, you cannot get the money back since the account balance is non-refundable. Great!

about risk of reversals, chargebacks and claims


The fastest way to get answers is to use a live chat on the site! Unlike bots who send you messages every minute, the real agents need at least 5 mins to drop a few sentences.

You can also use email or make a phone call, but do not expect to get the immediate answer. They could provide better customer support with such high prices that they have.

Final Thoughts

Long story short, it is time to say the final words and end this MyPerfectWords review. Firstly, all their products are non-refundable and come with no warranty. It is the first factor that may motivate you to run away from these guys.

Secondly, they deceive clients providing a fake limited discount that renews every day. Liars! Thirdly, the prices are above average and to be honest are quite high. I do not consider this service as a good option.


They do not have chargebacks. Trustworthy companies always have this option.

Absolutely, no! They do not guarantee that the paper you receive will bring you an academic outcome that you need. So, what’s the point of such writing help?

If the company doesn’t allow you to chargeback money from your account balance, can it be considered as legit? Need more arguments, check the terms of use section of My Perfect Words review.

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