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✔️ Affordable prices

✔️ Very fast writing help and on-time delivery

✔️ User-friendly website

✔️ Support team that responded quickly

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✔️ Wide pricing

✔️ On-time delivery

✔️ User-friendly website

✔️ Quality of papers

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✔️ Student-friendly prices

✔️ On-time delivery

✔️ Easy to navigate service


About PapersHelm

Today, I am going to review the Papershelm website. It is a company that offers different writing services for students who want to get an essay in a few clicks. They provide academic, research papers, and resume writing.

Well, almost the same that you can find at any other writing site. So, what’s the difference? Let’s see their Compare Us page, a very interesting one since I’ve never seen anything like this before

On this page, you can find the benefits of PapersHelm over other services. For example, they state that here you can get a free title, free outline, and free formatting, while others don’t do it for free.

papershelm review

Really? Are you sure? That’s exactly that each and every writing service offers for free. Nobody takes money for a title page. That’s ridiculous! It is only the student’s name, the title of the paper, and the university/college. Who would pay for this?

This makes me doubt whether I can trust this service. You are trying to look better than others, but you use such primitive methods and arguments that can be easily checked that it makes me only laugh at you.

I am expecting this site has a lot more absurd arguments about why it is the best one. Wanna know them? Wanna know why it is not the best idea to use a service like this? Then read my PapersHelm review and see everything with your own eyes.

1average prices
1no 100% refund guarantee
2free unlimited revisions
2fake benefits
3papers need proofreading
1average prices
2free unlimited revisions
1no 100% refund guarantee
2fake benefits
3papers need proofreading

Prices, Deadlines and Discounts

At first sight, the papershelm prices are about average and even affordable. The lowest rate is $11 per page. However, slow down before placing an order and entering your credit card details.

Firstly you should pick up the writer’s degree and select a deadline. As it is mentioned in other PapersHelm reviews, you won't get a high-quality paper from a Ph.D. writer for really cheap. Be ready to pay a decent amount of money to get a high mark.

It's hard to miss that massive 50% offer on the main page. Wow! Will the minimal price be reduced to 5,5 dollars? Unfortunately, no!

The discount is already applied. It means that the initial rate is $22 for a one-page essay, but the generous PapersHelm provides a big discount for all orders. If it is applied to all orders all the time why is it considered as a discount at all? I guess you know the answer.

It is yet another “smart” way that the company uses to be better in the eyes of its clients without real promo codes. Ridiculous, again.

papershelm order

I would also like to tell you more about the additional services. If you want to raise the final price multiple times, take a closer look at the list with extra services.

For instance, the plagiarism report, and grammar check report cost $8 each. Why should I pay more to get a unique and error-free paper? I have already paid for it once I placed an order.

You can also add the quality double-check offer to the cart for $3. Why do I need to pay an additional fee for a double-check? Will I receive a low-quality essay if I don't add any of these add-ons? Discover it in the next section of my PapersHelm review where I say about the quality of paper that I received from these guys.

papershelm order review

Is PapersHelm Worth It?

Unfortunately, the quality of the delivered paper didn't surprise me. It contained errors and it was not 100% original (13,5% of the essay was plagiarized). Hmm, it seems those addons were necessary and I had to take them.

If I did it, the price would increase almost twice and it would be around 24 dollars per page. Isn’t it too expensive for such a simple SOP essay writing assignment? This brand is not worth the money and the time I spent.

Terms of Use

The two important things that I want to examine in this part of my PapersHelm review are the refund and revision policies. The main banner on the site informs that you can request the limitless number of revisions. However, you should keep in mind that the 3rd and further corrections will take at least 72 hours.

In case you are not satisfied with the paper quality and don't have time for dozens of revisions, you may want to request a refund. You can rely on a 100% refund only if there are any problems with processing your payment.

If a papershelm writer has already started working on your assignment, you can get no more than a 50% refund. I’d like to see this information on the comparison page because other companies offer at least 70% or even 100% money-back guarantee.

papershelm delivery and refund policy

If you cancel an order when there is no writer assigned, you can return only 90% of your money. So, even when the company cannot provide writing help, they still hold 10% of your funds.

It is at least one reason why you should read PapersHelm reviews before placing any orders. Don’t let scammers take your money and give you nothing in return.


In case you have any questions that you want to clarify or experience any problems, there are three ways to reach the customer care team. You can use the toll-free number and call them, send an email or use the live chat and clarify all issues that you have online.

Unfortunately, if you want to start a conversation with a real human, you may experience some problems from the very beginning. The chat doesn't work correctly. I didn't meet this problem in the PapersHelm reviews that I came across.

Besides, on some pages, the main menu bar overlays it. So, it's impossible to read the message. You also need to provide your email to start a chat. I hope they won't bombard my inbox with spam. review service

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, the most significant disadvantage of PapersHelm service is their attempts to look better than they really are. Fake bonuses with 50% off, comparison page with fake benefits, only 90% refund even if the company fails to find a writer for you.

All these facts are enough to doubt whether you can trust this service. Would an honest and reliable company do it? This is how papeshelm scammers behave; always try to deceive the clients and take money even when they did absolutely nothing for you.


They return only 90% of your money when they cannot assign a writer to do your paper. Aren’t PapersHelm scammers after it?

Not really. These guys need to reduce their prices or increase the writing standards. High rates and low quality of papers is not the best combination.

The company seems to be legit. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive my invoice, even after asking a support team member to resend it.

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