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How Do We Rate
Essay Services?

How Do We
Rate Essay

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how do we rate essay services?

All Companies Have a Different Approach to Providing Services

Surely you want to know everything about each legitimate essay writing service, and I appreciate your enthusiasm. At the same time, I want you to know that I use a multi-level company analysis methodology. The fact is that there are classic writing services with a fixed price and companies that collaborate with hundreds of freelancers. They may use a bidding system or dynamic pricing. In addition, some companies provide paid access to academic papers. Moreover, some sites have free databases of assignments and earn extra services. The choice of academic helpers is diverse, so it is up to you to decide which will be a top pick for you.

Unique Review Methodology

As you understand, I cannot analyze all types of companies guided by a single approach and criteria. So I have developed several key principles for creating detailed and honest reviews. Finding the best-rated essay writing services will not be a problem for you.

Nuances That Matter

I usually carefully analyze dozens of parameters so that my opinion is not biased. That's why I want you to look at each item and know why I spend a lot of time before answering a question like, "Are these essay writing services legit?"

Service Online Reputation

First of all, I analyze reviews on dozens of sites like SiteJabber, TrustPilot, and Reddit. My goal is to understand how much people trust companies. In addition, some stories are quite crucial for understanding many of the editing processes within companies.

Service Prices

The pricing policy affects which best-rated essay writing service you should choose. I usually pay attention to prices that are too low or too high. And I also always focus attention on dumping and any price manipulations.

Service Deadlines

Everyone understands that writers can handle papers in a couple of weeks. But what about 6-hour deadlines? How fast can experts handle assignments? I always point up the deadlines and how long it takes writers to analyze additional features.

Service Discounts

I would not say that this parameter affects the overall score. Usually, the typical best essay writing service rated by me has at least minimal discounts for new customers. This option is a superb bonus, especially if the website guarantees good papers.

Service Promo Codes

Not all sites offer codes, and I don't blame them. At the same time, I pay attention to this parameter, especially if the quality of the papers does not match the cost. Consider that promo codes are an additional motivation to order any paper.

Service Support and Communication

All the best essay writing services rated by me have at least one way to communicate with the representatives of the company. However, I believe that the hotline, online chat, and email are three key ways of communication. When testing companies, I often contact support agents and ask some tricky questions. As a rule, their answers strongly influence the final verdict.

Service Paper Quality

Surely you understand that my main task is to analyze the quality of papers. So I always send detailed instructions to companies and thoroughly check the files received. First, I pay attention to how the writer explored my topic. The next stage is analyzing the general structure and details of the task. I carefully look for any information gaps and deviations from my requirements.

Any mistakes are unacceptable, and I always criticize companies for such failures. I usually list requirements and dozens of important items to me. When I choose my topic, I make a rough plan to understand how the writer can develop the main idea. So it is not difficult for me to analyze how the experts coped with my paper.

Extra Details That Are Also Important

Payment Methods

Typically, companies provide the ability to pay for orders with bank cards. However, I always welcome additional payment methods like PayPal, Neteller, or even Bitcoin. Each student should be able to choose their payment methods.

Various Subjects

The more subjects a company can cover, the better. However, I always pay attention to how well writers can cope with their mission. So this parameter plays a less significant role than the overall paper quality.

Different Essay Types

A good company is always ready to offer dozens of types of academic papers. That is why I am sure that diversity is crucial for anyone. In addition, I always appreciate the opportunity to order a large number of papers in one place.

Citation Formats

There are dozens of citation formats, and they are all different. I'm always happy when companies are ready to send well-edited assignments that match academic paper formats. For me, this is another confirmation that my verdict will be fair.

Loyalty Programs

Usually, I pay attention to such options last. But I would be pleased to know that I can save on my papers if I stay longer on any site. That is why I added loyalty programs to the general checklist.

Refund Policy

Any company should indicate the procedure for returning money if something goes wrong. So I always analyze the refund procedure carefully before recommending any websites to you.

Platform Usability and Guarantees

Surely it would be unpleasant to use an inconvenient and glitchy website with many bugs and disabled options. So I act as a software tester, analyzing websites for you. Not a single controversial detail escapes my gaze.

Order Completion Speed

No one wants to wait hours for a company to meet certain obligations. I want the companies to work as perfect clockwork if I order any paper. So I will certainly let you know if some services failed me in delivering overdue assignments.