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How Much Does Essay
Writing Cost?

How Much Does
fEssay Writing

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how much does an essay cost

What Determines an Essay's Cost?

Any student wants to know how much an academic paper costs. I understand this desire because I was a student. At the same time, I cannot tell you the exact amount because many factors affect how much you need to pay for an academic assignment. If you choose the best writing service, you will have to consider deadlines, word count, spacing format, background research complexity, and even an academic degree level. Let me tell you the details so you will know how much money you need to cover the total price.


The price of your assignment is directly related to the amount of time the writer has to spend creating each paragraph. Let's say you decide to choose the writing service rated by a trusted review platform. Choose at least a 14-day deadline, and the price of your essay will be quite affordable. But what if you are in a hurry? By choosing the minimum deadline, your price will double or even triple.

Length of the Essay

As a rule, the essay writing prices depend on the number of pages the expert has to write. Usually, a 2-page essay costs much less than an 8-page paper. The fact is that a lengthy assignment requires more time to prepare and write each paragraph. As a result, each paper writing service will send you a payment notification.

Spacing Format

Usually, this parameter determines how much space is between your sentences. As a general rule, your paper should be at least 1.5 line spaced, and double spacing is preferred. But sometimes, you have to choose single spacing, and this option is more expensive. The fact is that some companies fix the amount for each page, regardless of the number of words. As more offers appear on your page, you will need to pay more. So you should not assume that you are being deceived and write something like, "Are all websites to write essays legit?"

Amount of Time Need for Research

Do not forget that there are topics and types of essays that involve many hours of research and the selection of credible sources. Surely an essay on nuclear fusion will be much more difficult than a paper on how you spent your holidays. You don't even have to search for academic writing services to understand that all companies want more money for extra research. I believe that such a requirement is well-founded.

An Academic Degree Level

The fact is that your academic degree level affects how much you pay for your paper. As a rule, high-school students can expect the cheapest essays. At the same time, you will have to put up with additional expenses if you are a university student. Your academic level determines the difficulty of the selected topics and the specific paper requirements specified by your professor. Most essay services rated by me have price differences between academic levels, and that's okay.


However, sometimes you should review the warranties and terms of writing services. Not all companies offer free revisions and plagiarism checks, so you will have to pay extra for such services. In addition, progressive delivery and the abstract page should also be paid extra. I advise you to study all the conditions of ordering your paper before paying for anything.


I hope that I have given you enough information and now you know more about the pricing. Read all the conditions carefully before paying for your papers on the sites. You may have to pay for additional options or revisions. That is why I advise you not to rush and look for the best value for money. However, sometimes a higher price allows you not to worry about revisions and any problems with deadlines.