How to Avoid a Fraudulent Custom Essay Service?

how to avoid scam essay services

If you have never had problems with your academic writing assignments at college, you have never been a student. According to the statistics, the overwhelming majority of learners have been searching for professional assistance at least once. Some of the learners simply lack timefor complicated assignments, as they have to combine studying with work, while others do not have the necessary writing skills and knowledge in the field. Anyway, most of them are continuously searching for a trusted and reliable online platform that will help them out. 

So, what essay writing service is good and is not fraud? How can you tell the difference between the two? Check out the main tips that will guide you to the desired results and help you eliminate negative outcomes. 

Detecting Fake Essay Writing Services

Although the number of dependable and time-tested custom essay writing services available on the up-to-date online market prevails, there is still a risk to order from fake platforms. How to check if your essay is a fraud? How to detect a scam company? How can an inexperienced customer eliminate harmful outcomes? 

In fact, it is complicated to tell a fraudulent paper-creating website from a trusted service. Nonetheless, if you take some time to analyze the platform, learn its peculiarities and check certain features, you will get a chance to stay safe throughout the experience and receive a high-quality paper at a reasonable cost. 

Check out the list of the most typical signs of fraudulent websites you should avoid:

  1. Detailed Personal Information Required

  2. Poor Privacy Policy

  3. Outsourced Customer Support

  4. Vague Pricing Policy

  5. No Sample Papers Available

  6. A Plethora of Fake Websites with Similar Names

  7. Biased Reviews and Irrelevant Feedback

  8. A List of Official Company Representatives on the Main Page

  9. Only Positive Comments about the Service Posted on Other Platforms

  10. Fake Postal Address

  11. Unreal Date of the Company Establishment

  12. Statements about Native American Writers Working on Assignments

  13. A Pop-Up Information about the Number of Successful Orders

Detailed Personal Information Required

Do you want to check essay for cheating? Surf the company website and analyze its peculiarities. Proceed to the paper ordering process to see what kind of data you should provide. Reputable services never require sensitive information, except for the one necessary for the assignment delivery. 

Poor Privacy Policy

A transparent and accurate privacy policy, itemized data about the money-back guarantee, and a comprehensive explanation of the anonymity level are the core features of authentic essay writing platforms. 

Outsourced Customer Support

In the overwhelming majority of instances, fake services pass the customer support service to the outsourcing companies that feature poor assistance and complete incompetence. 

Vague Pricing Policy

Do not be deluded by a hilariously low cost, as it is one of the simplest ways to attract new customers. Professional writers will never spend their time on your research for nothing. 

No Sample Papers Available

Browsing the website, you should pay attention to the sample papers that should be offered in one of the sections. Cannot find them? Search for an alternative platform. 

A Plethora of Fake Websites with Similar Names

When you are just looking for a reliable custom paper writing service, you should read the website address carefully, as fake services may take advantage of famous and reputable platforms. Every letter and sign matter. 

Biased Reviews and Irrelevant Feedback 

Haven't you found any negative or neutral reviews about the service? Most fraudulent companies post fake positive reviews to draw students’ attention to the company. 

A List of Official Company Representatives on the Main Page

If you notice the photos of the company representatives, there is a 90% probability that the service is fake. 

Only Positive Comments about the Service Posted on Other Platforms

Don't you want to know what to do if the written essay is fraud? Search for up-to-date and relevant reviews and comments about the service. 

Fake Postal Address

Fraudulent services use fake postal addresses, mentioning countries, like the US or UK, while the main office is really in India or Pakistan. 

Unreal Date of the Company Establishment

Check the web archive to compare the real date of the platform established with the one specified on the site. 

Statements about Native American Writers Working on Assignments

An experienced and qualified writer's price is the point, he will never accomplish the assignment for $10-15 per page. 

A Pop-Up Information about the Number of Successful Orders

Skip the services that count the number of happy customers or successful orders. 

Most Popular Services With Tarnished Reputation List

I cannot say that these are the worst, because there are worse ones, but tarnished from a popular ones:

  1. with our rate of 2.7
  2. with our rate of 2.8
  3. with our rate of 2.8
  4. with our rate of 3.2
  5. with our rate of 2.8
  6. with our rate of 3.3


If you stay cautious and pay attention to the factors mentioned above as you analyze the dependability of the custom paper writing service, you have an opportunity to find the most reputable and flawless one. 


Is buying essays online safe?

If you manage to find a reputable and trusted online service, you can be 100% confident in the safety, anonymity, and confidentiality of the experience. 

Can you get caught buying assignments?

Find a decent online essay writing service that guarantees the complete anonymity of the experience. Check out the privacy policy and confidentiality sections before you place an order. 

Is selling essays ethical?

Legal and officially registered essay writing services function in accordance with the local regulations and laws, so it is safe and ethical to purchase custom-created papers.

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