How to Unplagiarize My Paper?

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What Does "Unplagiarizing" Mean?

Before we discuss how to unplagiarize your papers, let’s agree on the terms.

Unplagiarizing should mean making your paper an original piece. For that, you’d need to research, outline, write, and edit it all over again or get someone to do the work for you. But that’s not what you’re looking for if you’re interested in an unplagiarize tool. So for this post, we’ll agree to call unplagiarization the way to rework text to ensure it passes a plagiarism check with a low similarity percentage.

In other words, you don’t need an unplagiarizer unless you know your paper contains too many similarities to pass your school’s plag check. If you’re not sure that’s true for your piece, pay attention to the next section. Otherwise, skip to the list of tools you can use.

How to Check Your Writing for Plagiarism

Are you sure you need to Google “how to unplagiarize my essay”? Unless you’re trying to recycle an old piece, you need to check whether any intervention is necessary. And for that, you need to run a plagiarism check. Premium options are preferable, as they rely on extensive databases and advanced algorithms, unlike free online tools. Whichever service you pick, read the terms carefully to ensure the website does not keep a copy of your piece in its database.

Usually, all you need to do is upload or paste your paper and run the check. The service will return the similarity rate or a uniqueness rate. If it’s within an acceptable range for your school, you don’t need an unplagiarize generator. Otherwise, pick one of the options below to get an unplagiarized piece.

Best Online Service to Unplagiarize Your Essay

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Best Tools to Unplagiarize Your Essay

1. Neural Writer -

This multilingual free unplagiarize my paper tool comes with two paraphrasing modes: light and medium. Besides replacing some words with alternatives, it can also reshape sentences to increase the uniqueness rate. The altered parts are highlighted in the original and paraphrased text and are easy to assess. It works fine on simple texts, but rewriting scientific research can be problematic. The maximum text length is 10,000 characters.

2. Quillbot -

Quillbot is a premium writing tool, but its free paraphrasing features are outstanding. You get to set the rewriting rate. And the output offers alternative sentence structures and word choices based on the desired writing style. Most options are only available for premium users, but it’s $9.95 per month or $49.99 per year. Unfortunately, you can only unplagiarize 125 words at a time with a free account.

3. Plagiarism Detector -

This site comes with various writing services, including a paraphrasing tool. The unplagiarize text output includes highlighted editable changes. You can pick the most suitable alternative from the dropdown menu. The tool mostly retains the sentence structure, only replacing separate words. The word count is between 50 and 2,000 words, but there’s also a premium option.

4. Paraphrase Online -

This site offers a fast way to unplagiarize essay for free. The interface is simple but efficient. The output has a built-in thesaurus for instant editing, though not all words can be replaced. You should also pay attention to the changes in sentence structure and tone, as some of them may be unacceptable for academic writing. The site does not specify the maximum word count, but it only works in small increments around 150 to 200 words.

5. Paraphrasing Tool -

Aside from the ‘reword my paper’ tool, this site offers other neat features, including summarization and a grammar checker. In addition, you get to choose among four paraphrasing options that differ in accuracy and flow. Unfortunately, the rewriting quality is mediocre, as the service only replaces separate words with synonyms without reworking sentence structure. On the upside, you can paraphrase up to 1,000 words at a time.

6. Prepost SEO -

This service is best-suited to online content, though it can also work on short academic papers. Unplagiarize tool free options include simple, advanced, and fluency rewriting, while the creative mode is only available to premium users. The output window highlights changes and offers alternative selections, which come in handy, as paraphrasing isn’t always smooth. The maximum text length supported is 5,000 characters.

7. Small SEO Tools -

It’s yet another site with an unplagiarize my work feature tailored for online content. The interface is simple and unburdened with extra options. Although the output comes with alternative replacement suggestions, achieving a high uniqueness rate will take extra effort. You can unplagiarize for free, though the maximum text length is 2,000 words.


What does a free plagiarism checker with percentage mean?

Depending on the service, the percentage may mean the similarity or uniqueness rate. The acceptable plagiarism rate (similarity percentage) is usually between 10% to 30%, so the corresponding uniqueness rate is 70% to 90%.

What percentage of plagiarism is considered bad?

That depends on your school’s rules and the plagiarism checker algorithm. Most schools allow up to 30% similarity, though some set the limit at 10% if the source material is excluded. Consult your instructor if you’re unsure what percentage is acceptable in your case.

Will your plagiarism report be the same as the one used by my university?

Not unless you use the same plagiarism checker. Different services can produce different results. If the service you use stores your paper in its database, your university’s check may show 100% plagiarized content after finding that copy of your work online.

Is paraphrasing illegal?

No, paraphrasing is an accepted writing technique used by scholars, scientists, and students. However, if you want to rewrite someone else’s work in its entirety and submit it under your name, it is considered plagiarism. If you’re caught, you may face academic dishonesty accusations.

Is rewriting the same as paraphrasing?

No, though many students confuse the two. Rewriting is replacing some of the words in the original work with alternatives or reworking the sentence structure while keeping the same meaning. Paraphrasing is a deeper way to rework the source, keeping the core ideas and discarding the rest.

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