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How Many Different Types of
Essays Are There?

How Many Different
Types of Essays Are

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The World of Essays Is Bigger Than You Think

There are many types of essays divided into subgroups depending on the goals or methods of information analysis. As a student or hired essay writer, you should be able to recognize them and start creating paragraphs in no time. But how do you identify the types of such papers? No matter whether you searching for quality essay writing help or writing it by itself - let me tell you about the key differences.

What Are the Different Types of Essays?

Narrative Essay

Imagine that you have a paper that should be based on a single idea, motive, and central point. Also, you should consistently describe key events, characters, and key aspects, following a 5-paragraph structure. Here is an example to help you understand where to start.

  • My favorite professor. Describe your professor, and talk about why this person impressed you.

As you can see, such kinds of essays will not be a problem for you since all your writing efforts will be directed toward a linear narrative.

Descriptive Essay

Prepare for a detailed description of a particular phenomenon, object, person, situation, or emotion that you experienced. In addition, you should learn all about the classic 5-paragraph essay structure types. Here is a good example for you.

  • My dream car. Which car is the most interesting for you? What vehicle features are most important? Describe the emotions you experience when you see such a car on the street.

The overall process of creating such an assignment is smooth, as you can stick to the key questions and general paper recommendations.

Persuasive Essay

Let's say you have a specific idea that you should include in your essay. Use solid arguments and reasons to show that you are right. You may find other types of essays easier, but don't panic. Here is an example for you.

  • Is there ever a good reason for war? Tell that any war does not make sense and its consequences are negative even for the winners.

Try to pick up good arguments to make your key idea look solid. And don't be afraid to defend your point of view because it will give you experience for future papers.

Analytical Essay

Surely you already understand that this type of assignment implies the choice of a specific goal or idea, followed by a detailed analysis. You have to look for key ideas and arguments and describe many processes in detail. Here is a good topic idea to get you started.

  • Video games for kids. Focus on how video games affect children and what emotions they evoke.

Different types of essays imply various approaches to information analysis. But you should be open-minded and honest in any case. This approach will allow you to conduct a thorough analysis of your topic.

Expository Essay

Get ready to investigate an idea and find solid evidence that will confirm that your research is important. In addition, this type of paper involves the collection of weighty arguments supporting the original goal.

  • Explain why you admire a particular person. Concentrate on the person's character, actions, and behavior, and describe your joint interaction experience.

Students do not have problems with this type of paper since the key goals and objectives look clear.

Comparison/Contrast Essay

Such an essay involves a detailed analysis of key similarities and differences between two or more subjects. By the way, you don't have to compare similar things, people, or concepts. Sometimes the goals of your comparison may be non-obvious things. Here is an example to help you understand your goals.

  • Virtual vs. real classrooms. Compare the features of both educational formats. Focus on the key differences and compare the advantages (or disadvantages).

Your goals are clear enough that you don't have to worry about the details. By picking types of papers to write, you will gain important educational skills for your next assignments.

Cause and Effect Essay

The key task of such a paper is that you learn to analyze any subjects or phenomena and find the relationship between actions and consequences. Here is an example that will let you understand all the details.

  • Alcohol and nervous system. Describe how alcohol affects the human body. Focus on how alkaloids disrupt neural connections and influence the behavior of alcoholics.

Finding relationships between certain processes is extremely important, as students must be able to analyze all the consequences of their actions in advance.

Process Essay

Typically, such an assignment is associated with a step-by-step explanation of a process or phenomenon. You should describe the steps in detail depending on your requirements. Here is an example to help you understand the essence of your paper.

  • How to trim your lawn? Describe the process of buying a lawnmower and mowing the lawn. Do not forget to mention the detailed sequence of actions.

As you can see, creating such a paper is quite clear. That is why you should not have problems with the writing process.

Scholarship Essay

You will have to write such an essay along with your scholarship application. The fact is that this paper should become your springboard to getting a scholarship. Regardless of your topic, focus on why you deserve to win and what qualities of yours are most important. Perhaps you should also describe your academic goals.

College Application Essay

You should consider such an essay as your statement describing your goals and motives. Such papers are needed when applying to some educational institutions. Students should demonstrate that they are valuable people hungry for knowledge and ready to participate in the academic community.


Now you don't have to ask questions like, "What are the different types of essays?" You can stand out from the crowd with a detailed description and examples and start writing. I hope that I have described each type of essay enough, and now you will not have a fear of the unknown.


How do I know what type of essay to write?

Ask your professor a question or look at your topic because it contains most of the answers.

What type of essay is most common at university?

As a rule, you will have to write narrative and descriptive essays frequently. However, it all depends on the college and your future degree.

What's the difference between an expository essay and an argumentative essay?

In the first case, you must concentrate on your topic's basic information and explanation. In the second case, you will most likely focus on statistics and key facts (or arguments).

What's the difference between a narrative essay and a descriptive essay?

The main difference is that the narrative essay is meant for storytelling and the descriptive essay allows you to focus on some objects, places, or people.